BlackBox CONTROL puts data, control and detail at your fingertips to give you the information you need when you need it.

BlackBox Control is embraced by astute businesses in the transport, mining, service and government sectors who need real time information on their business operations.

Underpinned by sophisticated GPS tracking, satellite technology and software, BlackBox Control takes your asset’s raw data and makes this wealth of information accessible to you so you can make swift changes and decisions.

BlackBox Control telematics products offer the flexibility of a customised solution to meet specific location and reporting needs.


BlackBox has built on its strengths in data solutions, software development and spatial applications for mine design to become a leader in real-time tracking and reporting. Real-time data, at the level of detail you need, gives our customers control over their business.

BlackBox provides integrated telematics solutions from field hardware through to dedicated software or web browser environment. We collaborate with clients to define their requirements and rapidly deploy a customized solution integrating hardware, firmware, data centre and reporting modules to meet real-time, near real-time or store and forward needs.

BlackBox solutions are in use across Australia. Our hardware connects via cellular, satellite, long-range radio or wireless. It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia; you’re connected with BlackBox. BlackBox can package solutions to suit the needs of the transport, mining, rail and government sectors. Right now we’re tracking large haul packs, locomotives, B Doubles, road trains, vessels, waste trucks, light vehicles, cranes and a range of earth moving and construction equipment.

The BlackBox Story

Our founding partners have been pioneers in the GSM/Cellular industry and have been involved with GPS Technology ever since the first satellites were commercially available in Australia. The formation of BlackBox Control in 2002 has allowed us to build on this wealth of experience to offer world class products and solutions to our customers.

We began by partnering with established hardware makers and developed a wide range of interfaces to support our customers needs. Our clients value quality data. Limitations in that hardware means today we commission our own hardware, firmware and applications to provide our clients with the powerful and sophisticated GPS tracking and telematics tools they need.

Our aim is to ensure that we offer the best solution possible to a customers specific needs. The business intelligence reporting we have available to you means that your asset is more than just a dot on the map.

TCA Certified!

BlackBox Control is certified by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) as a Service Provider for the Intelligent Access Program (IAP).

This certification recognises that BlackBox Control has met the challenging requirements of the IAP Functional and Technical Specification which includes extensive hardware and system testing. BlackBox has joined an elite group of IAP Service Providers which offer GPS Tracking solutions at an evidentiary level.

The IAP is a program that provides heavy vehicles with improved access to Australia’s road network in return for allowing the monitoring of compliance with specific access conditions via vehicle telematics solutions.

IAP uses the Global Navigational Satellite System to monitor heavy vehicles’ road use, giving transport operators flexible access to the Australian road network to suit their specific business and operational needs.

BlackBox offers an IAP approved tracking unit that puts data, control and detail at the fingertips of heavy vehicle users, from owner-drivers through to large transport company fleet operators. Fitting an IAP approved solution can also include a range of commercial benefits. These include improved productivity, efficiency, profitability while delivering a superior service to customers and providing an edge over competitors not utilising the technology.

IAP approved solutions are considered by many to pave the way to future efficiencies in the heavy haulage sector as well as providing the tools to increase road safety and effective utilisation of fleet assets of large and small operators alike.

The BlackBox solution is ideal as a platform for both your IAP needs and commercial requirements.


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